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Protection of Trees on Development Sites –AS 4970-2009

Most councils now require that all development applications contain detailed arborist reports and Abacus Tree Services protection plans outlining the techniques to be used to protect trees, their canopies and root systems before during and after the construction process.
Abacus Tree Services can provide detailed reports on which trees will be selected and how they will be protected. Abacus Tree Services can provide onsite AQF Level 5 qualified staff to meet the requirements of council and ‘AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on Construction Sites’ to ensure all tree species identified are protected.

Tree Identification Plans & Tree Surveys

Depending upon the size of the subject site, sensitivity and council requirements comprehensive Tree Surveys and Tree identification Plans could be needed.
Tree Surveys include the detailed character of the landscape, soil conditions and tree species. Tree dimensions and retention values are a key component of the survey. Once all this information has been collated onsite, a detailed tree identification plan is then drafted to provide an overview of trees to be retained /removed.
Abacus Tree Services  is able to provide these detailed surveys and plans within New South Wales for a range of clients.

Tree Valuation

Tree Valuation is the critical factor to determine the physical health of identified tree/s within a subject site. The methodology used to determine the tree’s health results in the arborist being able to recommend measures for the treatment, removal or protection of the subject tree/s.
On proposed development sites, Tree Valuation methodology is a key determinant in maximising the sites potential. Abacus Tree Services has been successful in providing applicants with alternate solutions when confronted with heavily forested sites or sites with trees located in locations that inhibit maximising the sites’ fullest potential.
Abacus Tree Services uses the the Barrell CARe methodology in determining the health of the identified tree/s on subject sites through its AQF Level 5 qualified arborist.

Tree Audits

Abacus Tree Services undertake Tree Safety Audits to ensure the integrity of identified trees on subject sites. Trees, no matter how old, can suffer from disease and ill health. Coupled with storms and external influences unsound trees can potentially cause harm to people and property.
Property owners and managers, domestic and commercial, have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of people and property under their care.
Abacus Tree Services can conduct detailed tree safety audits to ascertain the health of trees within the subject and neighbouring properties and recommended measures for monitoring, remediation or removal.

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